Garden Design

Garden design can include a detailed plan drawn to scale along with a planting plan, or just a quick sketch outline, and a few suggested plants. The choice is yours...

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Outline Garden Design

Janice will take measurements of your garden, and then draw a scale plan.


This can also include suggested plants for different parts of the garden – for example, a list of evergreen shrubs, or perennials suitable for your garden.

Planting Plans

These can be added to any design, or you could have a plan drawn up for an existing border in your garden. This provides detail about spacing and positioning of plants and the quantity needed for a border.

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Planting Service

As an alternative to a planting plan, Janice can source the plants and plant the borders for you. If you want to help and join in, then that would be great.

Project Management

After agreeing the design, Janice can go on to project manage the creation of your new garden, including liaising with hard landscaping contractors.

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