Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost?

It's difficult to say. It depends on the size of your garden, how quickly you want it to look full of plants and established, and how much work you want to do yourself. For an outline design for a 'normal' sized garden (e.g. 3 bed house with fairly regular-shaped back garden), you are probably looking in the region of £350 to £550. The price for the work will then depend on how much hard landscaping there is (which is fairly expensive) and what size plants you include. As I say, we design gardens to suit your budget and lifestyle. So, if your budget is £1500, we will design a £1500 garden!

When can you plant?

In theory at any time of the year, apart from when the soil is frozen or waterlogged. Planting in summer is not ideal as you will have to keep a close eye on plants in case they dry out, but it can be done. Spring and autumn are best, so try and plan for then if possible.

How long will it take?

Sorry to sound vague, but that depends on what you want! Re-designing a bed with new plants would just take a few days, whereas a project that involve mini-diggers, moving top soil, laying turf, building walls or fences as well as planting are obviously going to take a lot longer. And be more expensive.

You've mentioned planting, but do you lay patios?

In a word, no. I work with a few reliable people who can do fencing, lay patios, build dry stone walls and so forth, so I would liaise with them for you. Or if you have a preferred contractor, that's fine.

Can I see examples of your work?

You are welcome to visit my garden and see examples of mixed borders, wildflowers, an attractive fruit and vegetable garden, a courtyard herb garden, informal lawns, a pond, as well as raised beds, dry stone walling, and patios. I can also show you copies of designs created for previous clients, and you can look at the gallery for more examples. For obvious reasons I can't take you to clients' private gardens though.

What size gardens do you do?

I will look at any size gardens. Smaller gardens and courtyards are great because you can make a really big impact with quite a modest budget. I have created a courtyard-sized garden on an old greenhouse base measuring just 2.4m x 3.6m (that's about 8' by 12' in old money). Have a look at the gallery for pictures of it. I have also re-designed a large churchyard garden. My own garden is about an acre, and I have had diggers, tippers, tons of gravel and soil, and of course, plants to transform it.