Frequently asked questions

How much will it cost?

It depends on the length of the workshop. Half-day sessions are around £35 and full day workshops are £80. When Covid restriction allow, we like to end half-day sessions with lunch and a chance to ask questions and wander around the garden.

When will you run workshops again?

I don't know I'm afraid. I am developing an outdoor studio, which will have a roof, but otherwise be all open air. It may be draughty at times, but safe. Group numbers will be limited to 5, with the expectation that the 'Rule of Six' will be re-introduced at some point. Hopefully, but putting these measures in place workshops may resume in Spring. If you are interested in any of them, please email me using the links, and you will be the first to know once dates are sorted. I will take definite bookings from interested parties first, then open up the bookings after that.

Tell me more about one 2 one visits.

These have been popular with people new to gardening or doing a new project. I wil come to your garden for 2 - 3 hours and help you with whatever you'd like help with. It's £60 for a 2 hour session. You can bring a friend or two if you like. It can be a one-off session, a regular monthly, weekly or seaonal event - the choice is yours. You just need to provide your garden and whatever tools you have. I will bring tools as well, and anything else I think you may find useful - such as design or plant books. There is no travel charge for approximately a 10 mile radius from Sawdon. Beyond that I may make a small charge for travel.

Do I need to know lots of Latin and technical terms?

In a word, no. Knowing some Latin can be helpful in identifying plants, but it's not essential. I aim to explain everything in straightforward down to earth terms (there's a reason why this is my business name!). I may use a few technical terms, but just because it's habit and I'm happy to explain what they are, so you can use them too!

How does virtual gardening work?

As with so many things at the moment, life is having to move online and gardening is no exception. So, you book on, and there will be a small group of up to about 6 people. It is a kind of gardeners' question time. You email in your questions in advance and I will (hopefully!) be able to answer them during the session. I will also demonstrate some seasonal task and talk about others which need doing.